Monday, 17 February 2020

ExamComplete is Applicint's digital paramed examination process. Using either a laptop or a tablet, system users electronically complete the Part 2 and collect require eSignatures, according to carrier and state specific requirements. 

Businesses today look to technology to increase sales, identify cost effective business processes and enhance customer service.  To meet these needs, ApplicInt developed CallComplete and ExamComplete to work in conjunction with one another as well as with ExpressComplete.  These solutions have been proven to eliminate NIGOs and decrease processing expenses while providing a professional and efficient consumer experience.

  • A reflexive interview allows examiners to accurately collect information required for comprehensive underwriting.  Incorporates a flexible automated workflow with eSignature capabilities to eliminate NIGOs and guarantee compliance to each carrier’s unique business rules and all state and federal regulatory and legal requirements
  • Examiners are automatically prompted to complete product and applicant specific requirements such as cognitive, chair and gait test, etc.
  • Can be used in conjunction with CallComplete, allowing the Examiner to obtain Part A and B eSignatures.

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