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  • Designed with the flexibility to complement a clients unique business model, our
    solutions integrate with a client's exisiting environment to create a system
    customized to meet the needs of an organizations management, sales and
    customer service departments. These solutions have provided carriers, banks,
    brokers, paramed providers, call centers and TPA's with the ability to increase
    revenue while dramatically reducing the cost of processing life, health, LTC and
    disability applications.
  • Selling insurance does not have to be complicated. Requirements and forms constantly change, but
    ExpressComplete simplifies the form completion process through the use of a reflexive interview
    format. The interview indentifies all product and state specific forms and question requirements.
    ExpressComplete provides agents with access to a web-based multi-carrier quote and ticket
    platform that can be used on smartphones, tablets and laptops.
  • InsuranceComplete is a mobile platform that can be accessed on any smartphone, tablet, laptop
    or desktop computer. It provides users with real time access to account/contact information sales tools,
    commission/license information and status updates. InsuranceComplete offers enahnced sales, processing
    and reporting capabilities when it is used in conjunction with ApplicInt's ExpressComplete and
    CallComplete platforms.
  • ExamComplete is ApplicInt's digital paramed examination process. Using either
    a laptop or a tablet, system users electronically complete the Part 2 and collect
    required eSignatures, according to carrier and state specific requirements.
  • Utilized by call center representatives in the marketing, sales and application
    completion process for all product types. A scripted reflexive interview
    guides the representative through a specific process that incorporates
    suitability and compliance requirements.
Friday, 24 January 2020

About Us

About Us
 ApplicInt was founded in 2003 to provide better automation and technology for all aspects of the Insurance and Financial Services Industry.  Using a business model that has defined ApplicInt as a technology partner rather than a technology company, ApplicInt has worked with insurance 

carriers,  distributors, call centers and paramedical vendors to implemented intelligent and innovative Web 2.0 solutions, customized to meet the unique products and business processes of each client.

Our unique application solutions have been used by a growing list of carriers, brokers, TPAs, paramedical companies and banks to increase revenue and dramatically reduce the cost of new customer acquisition for their life, health, LTC, disability, annuity, and mutual fund products. 

In response to the increased complexity of the insurance sales and underwriting process, ApplicInt has automated the information collection process.  Whether you are an agent, call center representative, consumer or examiner, ApplicInt solutions can be utilized to complete life insurance applications that are guaranteed to be “In Good Order”.

About us

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Tel: 775-325-4603 
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